We're Proud to Announce that Drew Middle School is One of the Best Schools!

Our administration, faculty, and staff couldn't be more proud of all the great things that are going on at Charles R. Drew Middle School. We're a small school that's making a huge impact. We consistently invest time and resources on our students to ensure that we provide them with the best opportunity to excel academically and socially. 

We are a STEM-certified school that intentionally exposes students to high-level tasks that involve creativity, critical-thinking, collaboration, and communication. Incorporating a rigorous curriculum and a high level of learning environment produces great results. That's why we're so proud that we have been recognized by U.S. News and World Report.

U.S. News and World Report states the following: "For each state, schools were assessed on their pupils’ proficiencies in mathematics and reading, as measured by state assessment tests. Half of the ranking formula was the results themselves; the other half was the results in the context of socioeconomic demographics. In other words, the top-ranked schools are high achieving ones that succeeded in educating all of their students.