MHS Podcasts: Powerful Partnerships

Front view of the school's entrance


As you arrive at Munford High, you immediately notice the environmental theme that is evident throughout the school campus.  The fire tower, complete with Smokey Bear, greeting you at the driveway entrance, the many outdoor classrooms, and the forestry-themed elements found throughout the hallways and classroom spaces are signs that there is something very unique about our high school.  Our first partnership with the US Forest Service has made a long-lasting impact on our school culture at MHS, and the success has led to years of building partnerships, and most importantly meaningful relationships, with our community stakeholders. Our strong partnerships are the foundation of our school story and we want to preserve the history of Munford High’s road to success.  Where did the partnerships begin? How have they sustained for 15+ years? How have our students been impacted by our partnerships? These questions and many more will be answered in a series of podcasts about Munford High.

Episode 1 - The Beginning