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Covid Update from Dr. Suzanne Lacey - Jan. 19, 2021

January 19, 2021

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience as we continue to carefully monitor the COVID-19 data in Talladega County Schools.  Current data suggests an increase in positive COVID-19 cases both statewide and across the nation.  Since returning to school on January 5, the weekly number of COVID cases and quarantines in Talladega County Schools has increased by 36%.

In an effort to promote the highest level of safety and wellness among students, teachers, and staff, Talladega County Schools will extend the blended learning model until the end of February, 2021.  The blended learning model thus far has enabled students to remain in school without the disruption of having to transition to complete virtual learning and has also contributed to maintaining a stable workforce. 

Students currently attending the Beacon Virtual Academy may remain as full-time remote learners or return to school on the blended learning model by completing a BVA Intent Form.  

Moving forward, social distancing will be practiced as applicable with other safety protocols while maintaining a robust academic program.  Masks/face coverings will be required for all students six years of age and older.  All sanitation practices will remain to ensure the cleanliness of both our school facilities and school buses.

The ultimate goal is to return to “traditional” school as soon as conditions are favorable for doing so.  Vaccines are currently available for certain groups across the state and I am hopeful that educators in Talladega County will also have the opportunity to participate in the vaccination program in the days to come.

Additional information will be collected and reviewed before the end of February that will  determine the schedule for the coming months.

Please stay safe and well.


Suzanne Lacey, Ed.D.