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Let's Read Week January 18-21, 2022

In an effort to kick off the semester with keen focus on reading, we will be celebrating Let’s Read Week from January 18-21. This is the short week after the MLK holiday. Each day special events or activities will be happening as part of this exciting week.  

Tuesday, January 18: Check it out! Day

Teachers will provide a tour of the available books in their classroom library. Some will have appointments with Ms. Hammonds for their class to visit the library The goal is for EVERY student at TCCHS to check out a book on this day. This book will be in addition to any required reading in any class. 

Wednesday, January 19: Reading Kings & Queen Day

Using testing data, we will crown our top readers in every grade with crowns. These students may wear their crowns all day. These students will also be asked to share information about the importance of reading over the announcements in the morning and afternoons.

Thursday, January 20: Ask Me What I’m Reading Day

We will distribute small stickers for all students saying, “Ask Me What I’m Reading!” We will award prizes to the students who collect the most names and book titles by the end of the day. Encourage students to participate.

Friday, January 21: Book Games Day

During 8th period we will encourage all students to play book games. Teachers have an assortment of games ready for students to play.

Also, teachers will share their favorite books in the box outside their classrooms.