• What We Do

    The mission of the Talladega County Child Nutrition Program is a simple one:

    We serve breakfast, lunch, and snacks to the most important people in the world, your children, our children, the students of Talladega County Schools. The leaders of tomorrow are fueled by great food served by dedicated staff and support staff who value our students and want them to excel at all they do.  

    Breakfast and Lunch Prices for 2021-2022


    Reduced Price - Free

    Paid Students - Free

    Adults - $1.25

    Visitors - $1.50


    Reduced Price - Free

    Paid Students - Free

    Adults - $3.30

    Visitors - $4.00

Randy F Roberts
  • Randy F. Roberts 
    Coordinator, CNP 
    Talladega County Schools

    256.315.5148 - Office
    256.521.1620 - Cell

     Marla Ponder
    Secretary, CNP 
    Talladega County Schools

    256.315.5124 - Office

    Mary Bentley
    Special Operations Manager, CNP 
    Talladega County Schools

    256.315.5156 - Office

     Philip Epperson
    Information Technology, CNP 
    Talladega County Schools

    256.315.5147 - Office