• The Talladega County Schools Technology Department consists of a team of ten individuals tasked with the deployment, management, and maintenance of the infrastructure and digital devices used by teachers, students, and staff throughout the seventeen schools and other operational centers within the district.  A robust 1:1 student to digital device program placed a personal device into the hands of all 7,700 students in the district in the form of a MacBook, iPad, or Chromebook by January 2016, while all classrooms play host to a variety of other technology tools such as interactive boards, digital cameras, and desktop computers.  Six technicians, one network administrator, one data technician, one Educational Technology Specialist, and one Coordinator of Innovative Learning work diligently to provide professional development services and operational support to ensure the 9000+ devices enhance operations and instruction across the district.


    Picture of Morgan


    Dr. Brooke Morgan

    Coordinator of Innovative Learning
    Technology Operations
    Data Governance and Privacy