• Work-Based Learning is open to all seniors who are on track for graduation and have: transportation available to be released early from school; and do not have attendance nor discipline concerns. Students may take WBL - Co-Op for one or more periods; for one semester or an entire year.

    Completing an application does not automatically guarantee placement into Co-Op. Applicants will go through an interview process, which consists of questions, teacher/admin recommendations, and verification of attendance/discipline.  A common misconception is that student work takes precident over the student's school work.  That is 100% incorrect.  Students will be allowed a Co-Op opportunity only if they are in good academic standing, no attendance issues, and no disciplinary concerns.  At any point should a student fall behind in any of these categories, they will be removed from the Cooperative Education Program.


    Application Available below or in main office.

    Co-Operative Education Application


    For additional information contact Mrs. Gregory.