Historic Winterboro High

The Little Rock School

  • Look no further to find a vibrant school of exceptional learning than Winterboro High School!  In 2009 the thoughts were of demolishing a failing school and antiquated building with a rock facade.  Winterboro High School has become a rock solid model of teaching, learning, and collaboration for other schools to visit, study and replicate. The once failing school in an impoverished (rural) community, is now a beacon of educational opportunity.  Project-Based Learning, known as PBL, has become a firmly established learning standard that continually transforms shy, unengaged students, into active community leaders armed with Essential Skills to be College and Career Ready. As the process of PBL has become “rock solid”, effective teaching and learning foundation, the expansion of STEM to STEAM has also become exemplary at the old rock school house. Meet STEAM, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. STEAM,incorporating ‘art’ with STEM, marries perfectly with PBL. STEAM truly breathes new life into PBL as it allows students to deepen their depth of learning that is discovered through the PBL process by providing students new, cutting edge outlets for their creativity. Through the embedding of STEAM, students are able to bring their projects to life through the integration of elements such as CAD Design, 3D printing, and 3D image capturing, all while employing the state of the  the Engineering Design Process. Through its STEAM and PBL integration, Winterboro High School is a step above the average school, particularly for a small, rural, high poverty one. If you can think it, the students at Winterboro High School can investigate, invent, and create it. Armed with a growth mindset, students do not say no, but rather rise to the challenge as they explore HOW can they make something happen.