• Munford Middle School

    The school is a beautiful brick and rock building, that rests at the base of Cheaha Mountain. We have approximately 400 students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Seventy-five percent of our students receive free or reduced lunch. We know how essential it is for students to have a genuine feeling of belonging, and we believe this feeling of belonging is the foundation on which learning is built. For this reason, we plan and work toward a learning environment that is safe and secure and instruction that is designed to help each student develop socially, emotionally and academically. 

    Munford Middle is a Green Ribbon School. Many of the students come from families who work and own land in the Munford area so it is important to teach them how to manage land responsibly. Munford Middle wants to produce students who respect the environment and understand the need to keep it clean and healthy. We also stimulate students' natural curiosity of the great outdoors. The Munford Schools were the first in the southeast to incorporate forestry and conservation education themes into the basic curriculum and campus design, which is evident by our partnership with the US Forest Service and our many outdoor classrooms.  We hope to help students become better stewards of our wildlife and natural resources.

    Munford Schools are a part of the Dynamic Learning Project, which is supported by Digital Promise, EdTechTeam and Google. It is “aimed at improving education equity by empowering teachers to leverage technology in powerful ways.” With support from the Dynamic Learning Project, Munford Middle will provide coaching support for teachers to incorporate web-based learning in order to equip students with skills to emerge into the future.

    In the future, despite many unknowns, we recognize that the majority of careers will involve Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This knowledge is the guiding force in the formation of our STEAM lab.  This lab will help prepare Munford Middle Students for their future through teaching higher order thinking skills in an interactive, hands-on approach and by introducing content through experiences that encourage students to think, act, and communicate within the school and society. As well as providing meaningful simulations and projects promoting teamwork, leadership, workplace skills and real-world application.

    The teachers and staff at Munford Middle School truly care about the students and want what is best for them. We know they are our FUTURE.