• Front of Charles R. Drew Middle School

    Charles R. Drew Middle School located in Lincoln, Alabama serves approximately 493 students in grades 6-8. The students enroll from two feeder schools: Lincoln Elementary and Stemley Road Elementary School. In addition to core subjects, DMS offers students the opportunity to enroll in electives such as Media Specialist Assistant, Office Assistant, Agriculture (7th Grade), Band, and STEAM (6th Grade). Our wonderful and hardworking teachers sponsor a myriad of clubs students can join such as FBLA, SGA, Art Club, Drama Club, and Yearbook Staff.  The faculty & staff of DMS are committed to teaching by the "Gold Standard" that is built on the foundation of "BEST Practices".  We set high expectations for all students. We want all of our students to develop their critical thinking skills and be able to solve problems.  

    In 2022, DMS became the proud recipient of Alabama's Green Ribbon award. Because of our sustainability practices, "going green" efforts, and reduction of plastic waste, we not only achieved Green Ribbon status, but we had the honor of hosting our State Superintendent, Dr. Eric Mackey. As our students escorted Dr. Mackey around our campus, he expressed how impressed he was with our students' quality of work, communication skills, and leadership opportunities. We aim to continue our efforts and do our part in ensuring that we have a healthy culture for our students to thrive.

    Charles R. Drew Middle School is also a STEM certified school. Teachers and staff went through the rigorous process of implementing STEM standards in every classroom. Our teachers thoroughly understood the importance of incorporating critical-thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication into tasks and projects. Our goal was to always make learning as authentic and "real-world" as possible, so that students could see the importance of the skills and concepts that were being taught. In 2019, DMS joined other schools in our county in becoming a STEM certified school. We ranked high on every single standard and received complimentary remarks from the review team. We earned this reward because of hard work, dedication, and perseverance.