B.B. Comer Elementary School
  • B. B. Comer Elementary School (BBCES) is a small town hub of instructional excellence focused on #buildingbetterfutures in the southern heart of the Talladega County School System. This once conventional school , over the past several years, has now directed its focus on enhancing the school-wide curriculum through the incorporation of project-based learning married with STEAM components, introducing robotics and coding, as well as transforming learning through seamless integration of technology. The school is comprised of Pre-K through sixth grade and employs a staff of transformational educators who aim to prepare todays students for the future of tomorrow.  Our school of approximately 565 students represent families on the highest end of the poverty spectrum. Since 2012, BBCES educators have utilized problem-based, relevant learning opportunities as the primary lens for focusing instruction to provide authentic learning experiences for the students they serve.  

    B.B. Comer Elementary was the first elementary school to enter the district's 1:1 device initiative in 2013.  From the onset of their 1:1 journey, the mission of the school’s progress has been to provide students with authentic learning opportunities infused with exposure to technologies that would prepare them for the rigors of a 21st century high school experience. With a firm focus on 21st century skills already in place, a shift to STEAM incorporation seemed to be a natural progression in the school’s curricular change.

    B.B. Comer Elementary is AdvancEd accredited, serves as an ARI and AMSTI Model School and has achieved Lighthouse School status through the Leader in Me Initiative.  The percentage of our students that participate in the the free/reduced lunch population is 76%. 51% of students are male and 48% are female.  Additionally, 70% of students are Caucasian, 24% of students are African American, and 5% of students are of Hispanic culture. 

    At BBCES, leadership is promoted through a variety of leadership roles. Students apply for leadership roles around the school and interview with a teacher leader panel each year. Those who are selected to serve as leaders fulfill a variety of leadership roles such as: the Student Leadership Team, STEAM Squad, Safety Patrol, Breakfast Buddies, School Greeters, Flag Patrol, Library Leaders,  Morning Announcers, and Tiger Techsperts among others. Students use rubrics to assess their own learning and set goals for improvement and monitor the progress of their goals in their grade level Leadership Notebooks.  The 2019-2020 school year marks the fourth year of the #TEAMSTEAM initiative at B.B. Comer Elementary.  To the delight of teachers and students alike the original plans for this program seem to be just the right formula for success.

Mission and Vision