• Welcome to your first assignment in AP Literature and Composition. Please read and follow the instructions here carefully. 

    Below you will find two links. The AP Summer Reading List is a expansive list of novels from which you can choose for your summer reading. These novels have all appeared on the AP Literature exam at least once, many of them multiple times. Note that some of the works are listed in red and have been stricken from the others. These are either works that we may read this coming year or ones that you may have read in other classes. Choose one of the books from the list. Read it. Enjoy it.

    The Major Works Data File is a Google Doc that you will need to open and save a copy to your own Google Drive. This is the document that you will use to respond to a number of questions about the novel that you read. Complete each part of this document carefully and thoroughly. This will be due the Friday when we come back to school and will be a 75 pt. silver assignment. 

    If you have questions about this assigment, please email me. Have a great summer!