Title I is a federal program that was established to narrow the gap in academic achievement between low-income students and their peers by providing supplemental funding to school districts. Title I is included as part of the larger Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA). BB Comer Elementary uses Title I funding for a variety of purposes. Teachers who provide supplemental instruction are employed for each of the district's Title I schools. Supplemental instructional materials and educational technology are purchased as well.

    Our school is classified as a schoolwide school. In a schoolwide school, all students enrolled at the school may receive benefits from Title I services. The Talladega County School district maintains a Title I plan for the district.

    As a requirement for receiving Title I funds, BBCES develops a Continuous Improvement Plan. This is a detailed plan of how the faculty, administration, parents and students will utilize the Title I funds to improve academic achievement. The plan is based upon a comprehensive needs assessment. This allows the Continuous Improvement Team to address the most critical needs. The local school budget for Title I funds is developed by the team to meet accountability standards and improve student achievement. This is a schoolwide authority. The CIP can be found at the school or at the Talladega County Schools' central office. For additional information about the Title I program, you may contact Mrs. Brashear or Mrs. Danford.

    Title I schools are also required to take measures to improve parental involvement in the educational process. Studies have shown what all good teachers know- having a parent take an active part in a child's education yields improvement in the academic achievement of the student. A portion of the Title I funding is set aside for use in supporting activities to improve parental involvement.

    As a parent of a child attending a Title I school, you have the right to know the professional qualifications of the teacher who instructs your child. The ESSA of 2015 allows you to ask for certain information about your child's classroom teacher. Specifically, you have the right to ask for the following information about each of your child's classroom teachers:

    • Whether the Alabama State Department of Education has licenses or qualified the teacher for the grades an subjects he or she teaches
    • Whether the Alabama State Department of Education has decided that the teacher can teach in a classroom without being licensed or qualified under state regulations because of special circumstances
    • The teacher's college major; whether the teacher has any advanced degrees and, if so, the subject of the degrees
    • Whether any teacher's aide or similar paraprofessional provides services to your child and, if they do, their qualifications.

    More information on Parent's Right to Know can be found by contacting our school.

    All schools are required to complete an annual attestation regarding the Highly Qualified status of its teachers. The attestation is available in the school office. Attestations may be viewed on our website. 

    All Title I schools are required to make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) or corrective actions must be undertaken.