Digital Promise Logo


    Talladega Couunty Schools is a proud member of the Digital Promist League of Innovative Schools.

    The Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools is a national network of forward-thinking education leaders who are working together to:

    • Improve outcomes for students and solving the challenges facing K-12 schools through powerful and smart use of learning technologies
    • Use their collective voice to advance positive change in public education
    • Partner with entrepreneurs, researchers, and leading education thinkers and serves as a test-bed for new approaches to teaching and learning

    The League aims to:

    Galvanize networks to design, validate, champion, and scale effective, innovative learning opportunities to advance equity and excellence for every student.

    • Design: Create policies, programs, tools, and models
    • Validate: Inform design and efficacy with research
    • Champion: Advocate for policies, programs and models that transform systems
    • Scale: Share and drive adoption models for replication
    • Effective: Proven positive impact
    • Innovative: New or improved solutions to challenges
    • Advance Equity: Ensure historically underserved student populations participate, benefit, and thrive
    • Advance Excellence: Support solutions that increase knowledge and skills for student success