• From the Superintendent:

    I am fortunate to lead a district that is progressive in their approach of meeting the needs of students through innovative and engaging work.  Talladega County Schools’ technology initiative, #Leading the Way, is just one example of how the district utilizes the power of technology to engage students in personalized learning.  With the current demands of a high tech world, students throughout the district are becoming competent in their use of tech tools while teachers are constantly learning and implementing new methodologies that enhance students’ knowledge and competencies.  The infrastructure to support the technological renaissance in Talladega County Schools continues to expand in order to keep the district a leader both in state and nationally.

    Through Talladega County’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Initiative, coding and computer science are quickly becoming integral components of the curriculum.  From kindergarten through grade twelve, a progression for integrating these important skills are seen as paramount for developing students' higher order thinking skills in combination with computational and problem-solving skills.  STEAM Labs are taking shape in various schools with space being repurposed for a new and innovative approach to design, analysis, and exploration. My hope is that students will develop a love and understanding for this type of work which will ultimately be needed for the thousands of STEM-related jobs currently and in the future.

    Talladega County Schools has a reputation for excellence; resourceful and committed to “Leading the Way” in all areas.  What makes the district so special when compared to others is the exceptional workforce, both support and certified, that are dedicated to making positive contributions to students.  Take for example, the transportation department who for 37 years has maintained a stellar record of performance by the Alabama State Department of Education and the Child Nutrition Program recognized nationally by the US School Challenge Gold Award Schools of Distinction.  Further, the district was named an “Energy Certified District” by Energy Star along with all seventeen schools because of extensive efforts to make schools energy efficient.

    Likewise, Talladega County Schools’ teachers lead by example by motivating, nurturing, and setting the highest expectations for students.  The graduation rate of 92% is at an all-time high and demonstrates the district’s commitment “to do whatever it takes” to assist students in accomplishing their goals.  Important to the process is to ensure that teachers have cutting-edge professional development that prepares them for the diverse needs of their students. I am impressed by their tenacity and willingness to learn and to often lead sessions that positively impact learning.  Experts Down the Hall, Digital Learning Specialists, STEAM teachers, and Reading Coaches contribute countless hours to improving the craft of teaching alongside their colleagues with the ultimate goal of improving student performance. Currently, the district is participating in the Dynamic Learning Project, an initiative facilitated by the League of Innovative Schools and Google, and designed to maximize the use of technology to support student learning.

    As the journey continues, students are in good hands with the Talladega County team. Our commitment to innovation and our focus on instructional design holds great promise for the future as we work collaboratively to expand learning and leadership opportunities. The core purpose for Talladega County Schools is to “ensure exemplary student performance, citizenship, and leadership” and reflects the tireless efforts of both certified and support personnel. Combined with our vision to “provide an engaging, rigorous curriculum empowering all students to be college and career ready” Talladega County Schools offer the best for achieving excellence in education.


    Suzanne Lacey, Ed.D.