• My course expectations are a little bit different than most.  I expect each and every single student that I teach/serve to go into all of their classes and give it their best try, while keeping a good attitude and being encouraging to others.  All of us struggle with one thing on another, some of us struggle with many things, but we can all try our very best to get better.  I expect all students to keep his/her hands to himself/herself.  I handle my discipline on a individual basis since each child is different and has different needs.

    I do ask that each student bring a pencil/pen to my class.  I provide the rest.

    I have this poster in my class as a daily reminder.  "In my class...We are real.  We make mistakes. We say I'm sorry.  We give second chances.  We have fun.  We are honest.  We say please and thank you.  We give compliments.  We raise our hands.  We take turns. We respect others and their property.  We think before we speak.  We learn."




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