• Overview of Courses

    Earth and Space (6th Grade) , Life (7th), and Physical (8th) are all designed to enable students to ultimately be successful in other high school coursework, including AP if the Pre-AP option is selected. These courses are infused with NMSI, Laying the Foundation(LTF) curricula, assessments, and "hands-on activites.

    Requirement of Courses

    Materials needed:

    • Pens / Pencils
    • Small or Thin Three-ring binder that includes graph and regular loose-leaf paper
    • Calculator

    Must have a minimum of 60% on all course work to pass the course.

    Grading Policy will be based on a three-category measuring percentage system:

    • Gold Measures (60%) - This includes major test, projects, and reprents mastery of standards.
    • Silver Measures (30%) - This includes quizzes, checkpoints, small projects and represents growth toward mastery of standards.
    • Bronze Measures (10%) - This includes homework, daily grades, minor projects, programs and represents practice of skills.

    Discipline Procedures

    Class Rules

    1. Be on Time and Prepared
    2. Respect Self and Others
    3. The "Do Right" Rule is always in effect

    Discipline Procedures

    1. Warning
    2. Simple Disciplinary Action
    3. Parent Contact
    4. Referral to Office