CURRICULUM(S):  SRA Corrective Reading; TransMath

    TECHNOLOGY:  VMath Live; STRIDE Academy

    COURSE OUTLINE: Basic Skills Reading and/or Math is counted as an elective course for graduation.  The class is designed for students who are performing below grade level in reading or math skills in order to provide skills and strategies needed to be successful in grade level courses.  The order and pace of course will be determined based on student assessment and mastery of content. In addition to the above Curriculum and Technology, other outside resources may be used as needed to meet students’ individual goals and incorporate opportunities for “real world” applications.

    CLASS MATERIALS: The following materials are required and should be brought to class each day:

    • Chromebook (charged)

    • Loose leaf lined paper

    • Pencils with eraser

    • Ink pen (black or blue only)


    The TCBOE grading scale is as follows:

    90 - 100 = A

    80 - 89 = B

    70 - 79 = C

    60 - 69 = D

    59 and below = F



    • Grade totals may not exceed 100% (TCBOE policy)

    • Semester grade totals will be calculated within the following weighted categories (please refer to TCBOE policy):

      • GOLD Measures = 60%

      • SILVER Measures = 30%

      • BRONZE Measures = 10%

    • Rounding of grades will be calculated as:

      • 0.4 and below will be rounded down to the nearest whole number

      • 0.5 and above will be rounded up to the nearest whole number

    • Student conduct will not be used to calculate grades (However, it is understood that poor conduct generally affects student performance and therefore is likely to negatively impact grades)



    • Come to class on time, prepared to learn and ready to work.  This includes having all required materials and a good attitude.  

    • If you are experiencing an issue you anticipate could affect your ability to participate in class, you should request to speak with the teacher prior to the start of class or as immediately as possible. 

    • You are expected to put forth a reasonable effort on all learning assignments. 

    • You are expected and encouraged to ask questions when you do not understand instructions or learning material.  

    • You should complete your own work without seeking input from others unless you are specifically instructed to work in partners/groups.  

    • You should at least attempt all questions/items on an assignment/test – leaving a question blank or stating, “I don’t know” is not acceptable and grading will reflect this.

    • You are expected to behave appropriately during class – see classroom rules below.  Any disruptions in the classroom will be handled based on severity. Consequences include but are not limited to: extra assignments, parent call/ conference, silent lunch, and office referral. All major offenses will be immediately referred to the office.


    This class will have a required technology component. However, you may not use Chromebooks until the teacher grants permission to do so and they should remain put away until such time.  When permission for use is given, you are expected to use technology appropriately and for the purpose of classwork only. You should be well acquainted with the TCBOE technology use policies.  This teacher will utilize GoGuardian to monitor student activity during class. Any student observed trying to hide inappropriate use, refusing to comply with teacher instructions regarding monitoring, or is directly observed in violation of the TCBOE policy will be reported to administration and technology privileges for this class will be revoked for a period of time.  Alternate (paper) assignments will be given per TCBOE/MHS policy only – not due to conduct violations or unwillingness to comply with monitoring.


    You are expected to check Google Classroom and your TCBOE email DAILY. Students are also expected to keep track of assignment due dates using a planner and/or Google Calendar. 


    Make-up work is STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY!  Make up work will be allowed per TCBOE/MHS policy.  The best way to avoid this problem is to be in the class each day – whenever possible, make all appointments (doctor, dentist, etc.) at times outside of school hours. If a “participation” grade was assigned on the day a student was absent, an alternate assignment will be given for make-up credit.  



    Students will be:

    1.   PROMPT – Be on time; Enter quietly; Turn in work when due

    2.   PREPARED – Bring ALL tools and materials needed to complete your work; Be in proper uniform; Be ready to learn

    3.   PRODUCTIVE – Stay on task; Follow directions; Remain seated; Work until complete

    4.   POLITE – Respect yourself, your teacher, your classmates, and your classroom; Teasing or bullying will not be tolerated; Use appropriate language

    5.   PATIENT – Wait respectfully for your turn; Do not hurry others; No complaining or pouting

    6.   POSITIVE – Encourage others; Celebrate success; DREAM BIG


    My goal is to achieve a positive learning environment and reinforce appropriate behavior without resorting to discipline options that require the student to miss instructional time. However, if a student is jeopardizing the instructional opportunities for other students, necessary steps will be taken to ensure learning objectives can remain intact for all students.  Response to violations of classroom rules will follow a progression of steps based on severity and may include, but are not limited to, warning, extra work, parent call, pre-referral, referral. 



    Feedback regarding any questions or concerns is always welcome. Parents/Guardians should email me at tara.armbrester@tcboe.org or call the school office at (256)315-5220 to arrange a convenient time to talk or meet.  Any student with additional questions/concerns or who feels they need extra help with this course may meet with the teacher at any time or use the same contact information listed above.