• Basic Skills Reading/Math


    Educational Standards

    Covered standards will be individualized to each student per their IEP goals and placement testing.  


    Instructional Resources

    Instruction will be provided using research based curriculums and strategies as deemed appropriate per a student’s IEP and needs.  These may include, but are not limited to, SRA Corrective Reading, VMath/TransMath, iReady, IXL, Suite360, APEX, etc.



    Assignments will be graded as outlined per the TCBOE Grading Policy.



    • Show respect to your teacher, your peers, yourself, and your classroom at all times.


    • Check Google Classroom and TCBOE Gmail daily for assignments, announcements, and resources.


    • Communicate with your teacher immediately regarding any questions or concerns about instructions, assignments, expectations, etc.


    • Participate in all whole group, small group, and individual activities without delay or disruption.


    • Use technology only with permission and for on-task assignments. No phones at any time.


    • Use proper virtual learning etiquette in the case of virtual instruction or meetings.


    • Adhere to TCBOE & MHS expectations for conduct, including any additional guidelines regarding health and safety precautions.


    Teacher Availability

    While on campus, I will be available in person for any needs during the school day.  During virtual learning times, you may reach me by phone, text, or email during standard school day times.  I will be happy to arrange video communication with advanced planning. Outside of typical school hours, you are welcome to send communication by your preferred method and I will respond by my next scheduled availability.