• The Law and Pubic Safety program is operated as a simulated workplace. This program is referred to as the Law and Public Safety Academy, also known as LAPS Academy. The LAPS Academy offers many challenging educational and training opportunities in the law, public safety, corrections, and security career fields. Students develop their multi-tasking, and critical thinking skills while applying them to real world situations. Students are also required to participate in physical training exercises and wear the official LAPS Academy uniform. Career Technical Education classes in this career pathway introduce students to the following careers:

    Judge                            Fire Fighter

    Lawyer                          Paramedic 

    Police Officer                  Probation Officer 

    Correctional Officer         Federal Law Enforcement Officer

    Forensic Scientist            Various Military Careers


  • Law & Public Safety Career Cluster Pathway

    Principles of Public Safety- 1st Year Students

    Police Patrol- 2nd Year Students

    Criminal Investigations and Forensic Science- 3rd Year Students

    Senior Career Pathway Project- 4th Year Students or Advanced Students