American History 6, Elizabeth Mozley McGrady

American History 6, Elizabeth Mozley McGrady


     Student objectives include:

    • Demonstrate an understanding of U.S. History (Industrial Revolution- Contemporary America)
    • Compare/contrast/synthesize and analyze information.
    • Exercise critical thinking and communication skills in formal and informal discussions.
    • Demonstrate and strengthen ability to research.
    • Strengthen note-taking skills. 

     Resources Used: United States History: Civil War to the Present; Key Decisions in U.S. History vol 2; The DBQ Project, American History vol 2

    FIRST SEMESTER:  Industrialization, Inventions & Immigration; Imperialism & World War I; The Twenties & Thirties; World War II

    SECOND SEMESTER:  The Korean War; The Cold War Era; Civil Rights Movement; Vietnam and its Aftermath; Contemporary America


    Projects, tests and exams make up the majority of student grade; points are also accredited for in-class research and papers, participation in lessons and debates, and homework.  Nine Week Exams are 20% of student grade.

    Gold: 60% of Grade -  Represents Mastery of Standards or Application of Standards; Major Tests/Exams; Major Projects/Work Products  

    Silver: 30% of Grade - Represents Growth toward Mastery of Standards and/or Mastery of Pre-requisite Skills; Quizzes/Checkpoints; Small Projects

    Bronze: 10% of Grade -Represents Practice of Skills; Homework; Daily Grades; Minor Classwork/Projects

     Grading Scale:

    90- 100 A

    80-  89 B

    70-  79  C

    60-  69  D

       1-  59 F