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Buster Bolton

Jack Jackson
Administrative Asst.-Transportation
New School Bus Driver Training Class
If you are interested in becoming certified to drive a school bus please contact Jack Jackson at 256-315-5140.

Training will begin soon!


about 1 year ago

Safety is the number one priority for the Talladega County School System Transportation Department. Ensuring the safety of all students transported to school, home, athletic events and field trips is a commitment of the transportation department.

The Transportation Department is comprised of 2 administrators, a shop foreman and 8 mechanics, all of which have earned Alabama State Department of Education Certification for School Bus Mechanics.  In addition, there are 113 regular route drivers, 15 bus aides, and 131 school buses.  One hundred twenty three daily routes transport more than 4,223 students each day.  More than 906,000 miles were logged by the system’s fleet in 2015-2016.   During the same year, Talladega County Schools Transportation Department was inspected by ALSDE Pupil Transportation Department.  No major deficits were found in the fleet.

The Transportation Department works with local school administrators to conduct School Bus Evacuation Drills twice annually.  At the beginning of the first semester, whole school bus evacuations are conducted by the Transportation Department to ensure that all children are familiar with proper evacuation procedures.  In the second semester, local administrators conduct individual bus evacuation drills.  At the beginning of each semester, professional development is provided to bus drivers in order to refine and bolster safety procedures.  Bus driver safety meetings are held at each school two times during the year.

Zoning Questions
Please contact our office via e-mail or phone.
New School Bus Safety Act effective July 1, 2016
While TCBOE has used stop-arm cameras since 2010, a new state law will allow school systems to place stop-arm cameras on school buses, and penalizes motorists who illegally pass our buses with a fine of $300 for the 1st offense..

The Alabama School Bus Safety Act, which went into effect on July 1, gives school systems the option of installing stop-arm cameras on their school buses to enforce motorists stopping when the bus’ stop arm is extended. If a motorist illegally passes a stopped school bus and a stop-arm camera is installed on the bus, the motorist will receive a $300 ticket.

Eighty percent of the revenue from the fines would be split between the school board and the city or county in which it is located, and the remaining portion would be split between the Alabama State Department of Education and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.
Talladega, AL
Driver Re-certification
Please remember that you must attend one re-certification class during 2017 to maintain your Alabama School Bus Driver Certification.

Please call our office for available dates. We can be reached at 256-315-5140 or 256-315-5139.