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Medication / Medical Conditions

All medications (prescription and over the counter) must be brought in and signed in by the parent, guardian, or their designee to the school nurse or medication assistant. A prescriber/parent authorization is required. All medication should be signed out and picked up by a parent, guardian, or their designee at the end of the school year; or when discontinued by physician, or when medication expires.Prescription medications require signed authorization/order from a licensed prescriber. It must include student name, medication name, dosage, route (e.g. oral, inhalant, topical), frequency and time to be administered, discontinue date and drug allergies and reactions. The order should state any special instructions and indicate whether the student can self administer and self carry. An authorization is required at the beginning of each school year. If the medication order changes during the year, an additional authorization is required. No physician order will be changed by the request of parent. Prescription medications must be in original pharmacy container with clear pharmacy label. The label must match the physician authorization. If medications are to be administered on an “as needed” basis, the order must state the times and frequency.Over the counter medications will be accepted under limited circumstances. No more than a six (6) week supply will be accepted. Over the counter medications must be in the original, unopened, sealed container with manufacturer’s label intact. Students name must be written on bottle, not obstructing the label or directions for use. Over the counter medications must be age/weight appropriate. No over the counter migraine or asthma medications will be accepted unless prescribed by physician. The authorization will include student name, parent contact information, height, weight, age and any special instructions. The parent must indicate what specific conditions/complaints in which the medication can be given. Students may be permitted to self carry and self administer their medications for chronic health conditions provided certain requirements are met. If self carrying/administering is requested by the physician and parent, a conference with school staff and the school nurse is necessary to determine if required criteria are met.For students with ongoing health needs, an “Individual Health Plan” as part of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, will be developed for each student. The determination of the Individual Health Plan will be based upon information provided in the Health Assessment Record.

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