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Holocaust Remembrance Program at CHS

On April 17, Mrs. Wright's 11th grade English classes hosted a Holocaust Remembrance Program featuring Dr. Robert May, Holocaust survivor, as the culmination to their PBL Unit: Studying the Holocaust: The Importance of Remembrance. Students prepared for this day in small group research cirlces. They also read the novel Night and participated in interactive digital lesson using For the first thirty minutes of school, each small group research circle presented to classes all over the school. They planned and taught a 30-minute lesson about the Holocaust. After the mini-lessons, students were escorted to the arena for our student-led Holocaust Remembrance Program. Student presenters for the program were TK Kennebrew, Ikerrian Kelley, Kyla Reynolds, Shalee Carpenter, and Brashunda Odum. Congratulations to all the students who participated. It was a special program!

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