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Talladega County Schools "Level Up" with STEAM

9 months ago

B. B. Comer Memorial High School, Fayetteville High School, and LincolnElementary Schools Launch Level Up Village Courses Centered on STEAM & Global Awareness

Students in Science Classes at all three schools are participating in courses which include CAD (Computer Animated Drawing), 3D Printing, circuitry, solar energy, and improving water quality. Students are collaborating with peer partners in a developing country for one-on-one collaboration and cultural exchange.

The Talladega County School System has launched innovative global STEAM programming to its science courses in partnership with Level Up Village (LUV). Students at Lincoln Elementary, BB Comer High School, and Fayetteville have been deeply immersed in learning their science standards, along with skills like computer animated drawing (CAD), 3D printing, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration. Since March 6, students have been collaborating one-on-one with partner students from one of LUV’s Global Partner organizations in a developing country via video message exchange. Some of the global partners include students from Nicaragua, Ghana, and Palestine.

“While researching online for STEAM resources and curriculum, I came across Level Up Village. I read the course descriptions and immediately realized the strong connection to science standards, STEAM-themes, and project-based learning. When you add in the global partnering, Level Up Village becomes an indispensable partner in giving our students this experience” stated Craig Bates, Coordinator of Technology for the district.

Lincoln Elementary, Fayetteville, and B. B. Comer High are all offering a Level Up Village course between March and May with Lincoln Elementary and B. B. Comer focused on solving an issue like providing inexpensive solar powered light for rural homes in developing countries where students need a study light. Fayetteville students and their global partners are looking at global and local water quality and how to create an affordable, yet highly functional water filtering mechanism.

Shannon Hill, Instructional Partner at Lincoln Elementary had this to say about the exciting learning and the partnership between TCBOE and LUV. “Level Up Village has allowed our students to branch outside the walls of Lincoln Elementary School into a global setting where they are solving real world problems. Our students are collaborating with their global partners from Nicaragua and Palestine to help solve the problem of lack of reliable access to electricity for personal lighting. Through the use of 1 to 1 video message exchanges with their assigned global partner, our students are learning about different cultures, causing our students to connect both physically and emotionally to this project. It amazes me to see 3rd-grade students rise up to the challenge by designing fully functional solar powered flashlights through digital software and 3D printing.”

In the solar light project, entitled Global Inventors, students learn to harness the power of 3D printing, one of the most innovative technologies of our time, to engineer solutions to real-world issues. In this exciting course, they learn how to use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to create and modify a series of designs. The final project is to create and 3D print a solar-powered light source in collaboration with a global partner student from a developing country.

In the Global Water Crisis project, students reflect on their own water use and how they can be part of the solution to the global water crisis. They learn how to create 3D designs to help solve this global issue and expand their understanding of the subject matter as the project final product is produced. Students will work closely with their Global Partners through the exchange of video messages to develop a hands-on research project that shows the water problems each of their countries face while sharing practical ways to address these problems and help bring clean water to the world!

Level Up Village empowers children to make a difference in the world with courses that promote design thinking and one-to-one collaboration on real-world problems among K-9 students in the U.S. and Global Partner students in 20+ countries. U.S. school partners directly sponsor Global STEAM education in developing countries through LUV’s “take a class, give a class” model.

“We are thrilled to work with Talladega County Schools to create a vibrant, global classroom experience where students will not only develop essential 21st Century skills but also the mindset they need to become compassionate global citizens,” said Amy McCooe, CEO and Co-Founder of Level Up Village. “Our goal is to make it easy for schools to globalize the classroom by providing them with fully developed curricula, comprehensive teaching training and experienced management of the global collaboration process.

About Talladega County Schools

The fourth largest employer in Talladega County, Alabama, the Talladega County School System has seventeen schools serving approximately 7,600 students and 1,000 employees. The school system and its schools have received various national and state awards including being selected as a US Department of Education Green Ribbon School System along with several schools selected as US Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools. Talladega County Schools is currently implementing a 1:1 digital device to student program, called #LeadingTheWay, which utilizes approximately 6,400 Chromebooks, and 1,200 iPad tablets, all of which provide 24/7 mobile access to students in grades 3-12 and daily classroom access to students in grades K-2. Each student is assigned his or her own device, which is not shared with others, making Talladega County Schools one of only a handful of districts in the state of Alabama providing this density of mobile device access.

About Level Up Village

A social impact company based in Old Greenwich, Conn., Level Up Village (LUV) delivers pioneering Global STEAM (STEM + Arts) enrichment courses that promote design thinking and one-to-one collaboration on real-world problems between students from around the world. Launched in 2012, LUV runs courses during school, after-school and in the summer for students at more than 250 U.S. schools, with 40+ Global Partner organizations in more than 20 countries. For more information, visit them at or find them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter @LevelUpVillage.

Media Contacts:  

Griff Hill, Public Relations OfficerTalladega County Schools

Andrea Sherman Director of PR & Communications Level Up Village

Holocaust Remembrance Program at CHS

9 months ago

On April 17, Mrs. Wright's 11th grade English classes hosted a Holocaust Remembrance Program featuring Dr. Robert May, Holocaust survivor, as the culmination to their PBL Unit: Studying the Holocaust: The Importance of Remembrance. Students prepared for this day in small group research cirlces. They also read the novel Night and participated in interactive digital lesson using For the first thirty minutes of school, each small group research circle presented to classes all over the school. They planned and taught a 30-minute lesson about the Holocaust. After the mini-lessons, students were escorted to the arena for our student-led Holocaust Remembrance Program. Student presenters for the program were TK Kennebrew, Ikerrian Kelley, Kyla Reynolds, Shalee Carpenter, and Brashunda Odum. Congratulations to all the students who participated. It was a special program!


10 months ago

Place-based learning is at its best when students' academic pursuits engage the greater community. Alabama's Winterboro High School epitomizes this synergy with its Digital Learning Day.

Funded in part by a 2016-17 Grants in Place award of $1,000 to Winterboro High School technology integration specialist Emily Nestor, the all-day, student-led event showcased a variety of student projects in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (a.k.a. STEAM). According to the Daily Home, Winterboro High senior Jason Geise remarked, "This is learning in the 21st Century. I love the hands-on learning. It has really helped broaden my horizons when it comes to computers and technology." (Read More)


11 months ago

Picture of 4 staff members

Talladega County Schools students, teachers, staff learn from partnership with Alabama Childhood Food Solutions

TALLADEGA COUNTY -- Talladega County Schools students, teachers and staff are continuing to learn firsthand about the importance of giving back through the system’s partnership with Alabama Childhood Food Solutions (ACFS).

“Alabama Childhood Food Solutions is very important to our staff and the students,” said Vicky Ozment, the system’s deputy superintendent. (Read More)

Talladega County Schools receive more than $12,000 through grant program

11 months ago

TALLADEGA -- During Monday’s Talladega County Board of Education meeting, 19 schools and teachers were awarded $12,333.14 by the Talladega County Education Foundation through its Dr. Lance D. Grissett grant program. (Read More)


11 months ago

Today, more than 775 students  from Stemley Road, Lincoln and Mumford filled the BB Comer Memorial High School Auditorium. After finishing 10 weeks in the Super Citizen Program, they are gathered to celebrate their accomplishments and honor local heroes from the stage.
These students have learned their important roles in America’s future thanks to an immersive experience in civic, character, financial literacy and social studies. And in the closing piece of the program, Torch Teams (or “Helping Hands” for the younger students), students are applying those crucial lessons in the real world.  They chose heroes who embodied the traits of amazing citizens and read essays from stage before presenting them with Authentic Liberty Replicas & Liberty Pins. They learned that “when you honor a hero, you become a hero!”

Picture of the auditorium full of students

‘Created to succeed’

11 months ago

Talladega County Central High School students commit to graduate during special ceremony

Approximately 200 Talladega County Central High School students publicly pledged to their peers, family, teachers, staff and community leaders their dedication to graduate by playing host to a “Professional Academy Ceremonial Day.”

The event also included special testimony by Miss Black USA 1990 Clarissa Kenty.

“I wasn’t always the best student, but growing up my parents expected me to get my degree” Kenty said. “Growing up, I always heard from my parents that I was going to go to college, but I always thought to myself, ‘How in the world are we going to pay for it?’’’ (Read More)

Two students holding a sign

LES Brings Home Award for Healthy Schools

11 months ago

Lincoln Elementary was awarded the Bronze Award by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Healthy Schools Program.  This award is in recognition for creating a healthy school environment.  Each day, students at Lincoln Elementary are actively engaged in the HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living) Program during Physical Education as well as other physical activities throughout the day including Brain Boosters.  Brain Boosters allow classroom teachers to integrate movement activities throughout the school day.  These and other programs are making a difference in promoting healthy lifestyles among the students at Lincoln Elementary.

three staff members

MES - The Coolest School Around

11 months ago

Creating Future Leaders

Over the past three years, the students and staff of Munford Elementary School have embarked on a transformational journey. (Read More)

The coolest school around logo

TC Central, Winterboro compete in ‘Blue Classic’ food drive.

11 months ago

Ahead of the heated football rivalry

“The Blue Classic” between Winterboro and Talladega County Central, the two schools competed in a food drive in which students brought food items to donate.

The school that donated the most items won the honor, and the losing principal was to wear a T-shirt of the victors’ design.

 (Read More)

Two football fans

Blending the Environment, Learning - Munford Elementary School

11 months ago

Blending the Environment, Learning - Munford Elementary School

Upon entering Munford Elementary School, you find yourself in a cave surrounded by stalagmites and stalactites. Continuing down the hallway, you follow a curvy stone path lined with realistic trees. The lunchroom is adorned with hand-painted murals of the Talladega National Forest and houses a 250-gallon aquarium filled with fish native to Alabama. Scattered throughout the building are museum-quality, interactive displays showcasing academic content related to the environment. Outside you’ll find an outdoor classroom, a three-acre nature trail and an outdoor amphitheater.

The transformation of Munford Elementary School in Munford, Alabama, was made possible through a partnership with the US Forest Service and continues to affect students daily. While most schools would have to take field trips, our students are able to experience nature and their environment as an integral part of the school culture. These unique learning tools throughout the school are coupled with project-based learning opportunities to grow students into next-generation leaders in environmental education and conservation. Effort and perseverance are praised in our school as students work toward individual goals for excelling in all areas of their lives.

No child left inside

Located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Munford Elementary was named aGreen Ribbon School by the US Department of Education, and is one of the few Alabama schools to adopt a “theme immersion” concept.

The theme was inspired by a passionate school board member, Johnny Ponder, who wanted to ensure local students were highly educated on the affect the nearby national forest has on their community, industry and future. The district, along with more than 40 community partners including local wildlife federations, colleges and businesses, teamed up to build the new school which opened in 2001.

Our approach to school design not only educates students on environmental issues, but has helped increase literacy and math test scores because students are able to take what they’ve learned in the classroom and apply it in a real-world setting. The interactive displays and unique learning settings in our building expose students to content they’re expected to know according to the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards. With our partnerships and school design, they’re able to experience lessons in more of an integrated fashion using resources, which are not hours away at a science museum but right down the hall.

Each wing of the school is dedicated to a different aspect of the environment, so as students move from one grade to the next, they are able to explore new elements of the environment around them. The K-1 hallway is known as “The Enchanted Forest,” complete with displays about different plant life and trees. As students walk the halls, they can feel the bark and count the rings of trees. “Where the Wild Things Are” is the focus of the second- and third-grade hallway with displays featuring content about ecosystems, food chains and sounds of the forest. On “The Main Stream” hallway, fourth- and fifth-graders are immersed in all things water as they focus on the importance of water quality in our environment.

A curriculum to match the environment

Our overall approach to curriculum design is providing students with project-based learning opportunities allowing students to explore what interests them and use their skills to collaborate and solve problems in a real-world setting. In our classrooms, you won’t see teachers standing in front of the class teaching a lesson -- instead, you’ll see students sitting at tables, in the hallways or scattered throughout the room, engaged in conversations and driving their own education.

Our teachers plan lessons using the displays and learning tools spread throughout our school, the outdoor classroom and nature trails, and even walk across the street to our middle and high school to take advantage of resources including an arboretum, a frog pond, a fish hatchery and a greenhouse.

Literacy is at the core of all learning. Our district is 1:1 with student devices, so technology and cross-curricular literacy skills are integrated into every subject through the use of student Chromebooks. We recently adopted a digital literacy environment that gives students access to more than 10,000 fiction and non-fiction books customized to fit their individual reading levels. We believe challenging each student to increase their time spent reading is an integral part of students becoming more skilled readers. For this reason, reading is a priority in every classroom at Munford Elementary.

To further encourage student literacy, our PTA and community partners have teamed up to create multiple “book-nooks” which serve as unique places for students to go and read throughout our school. Each wing features a themed nook including a lemonade stand, a mock campfire setting, and a wooden fishing boat built by our high school’s agriculture shop as a way to escape and engage in a good book. Our approach to literacy is yielding impressive results. Last year, 68% of students in grades 1–5 showed at least one year’s growth or more in reading ability. Using “book nooks” and prioritizing independent reading time has helped increase our students’ reading skills as part of an overall educational experience.

Through a combined focus on conservation and environmental education, an increased focus on literacy, goal-setting, and building a growth mindset, Munford Elementary aims to prepare student leaders who are ready to embrace their future in whatever college or career path they may choose.

To see Munford Elementary students in action and get a full tour of the school, watch a short videofeaturing the school.

Angela Robinson is the principal at Munford Elementary, which uses myON as its personalized digital literacy environment in each of its elementary schools.

Katy Turner is the assistant principal at Munford Elementary School.

fall leaves on the ground


11 months ago

‘Lifechanger of the Year:’ Talladega Central teacher nominated for national award

TALLADEGA -- Talladega County Central High School employee, Sharon Pittman, has been nominated for the 2016-2017 national LifeChanger of the Year award.

Pittman teaches English and language arts to TCCHS students in grades 7-9.

She has been teaching English for the last 10 years.

Pittman was nominated by TCCHS Principal Quentin Lee.

“Mrs. Pittman’s students can attest to the rigor and engaging lessons she provides,” Lee said. “She provides systematic approaches to solving real-world problems and presents opportunities for critical thinking, while stressing the importance of her students having a strong work ethic. One way or another, her students will learn how to read because she does not allow them to accept defeat.” (Read More)

Portrait of the TCCHS principal


11 months ago

Talladega Central High’s new system promotes community

Talladega County Central High School has incorporated a unique form of learning into its curriculum this year that encourages leadership, pride and unity.

TCCHS Principal Quentin Lee introduced TCCHS to the “House system,” a program employed at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta.

“This is our first year to try out the House system in the school, and so far I would say it’s been extremely successful, even as a trial run,” Lee said. (Read More)

Students in a classroom

Talladega County Central selected for ‘Teach to Lead’ conference in Baltimore

11 months ago

Talladega County Central High School was one of 26 schools chosen to send a delegation to the the national “Teach to Lead” conference.

The two-day event took place in Baltimore

Principal Quentin Lee, Vice Principal Tim Gallahar, school counselor Christy Smith, collaborative education specialist Deborah Gover and Genesis Principal Joanne Swain will represent TCC.

(Read More)

Principal Joanne Swain

Peggy Garner - ACCESS Facilitator of the Year

11 months ago

Congratulations to Ms. Peggy Garner of Talladega County Central High School.  Ms. Garner has been recognized as the ACCESS Facilitator of the Year.

Peggy Garner

CHS Takes Top Honors

11 months ago

$10,000 Grant for Awardee Schools

Formerly known as the National School Change Awards, this award is unique because it recognizes failing schools that embraced new and innovative strategies and dramatically improved. The School Innovation and Change Awards (SICA) is an initiative of the National Principals Leadership Institute(NPLI), in partnership with TD Ameritrade. NPLI will provide ongoing, expert support to the awardees. The awardees will also receive a $10,000 grant as well as a full scholarship to the NPLI 2016 Summer Institute.

Butterfly graphic

Munford High honored with 'Innovation and Change Award'

8 months ago

Munford High School was

presented with the "School Innovation and Change Award" from the National Principals Leadership Institute (NPLI) The award was created to recognize and honor "sustained positive changes in schools across the nation."(Read More)

Munford High Wins at JSU

11 months ago

Congratulations to the winners at the JUS Technology Fair

1st Place in Video Production: Miranda Louallen, Tyler Curry, and Kayla Ingram 

2nd Place in Video Production: Brittany Watts, Megan Reeves, and Hayley Roberts 

1st Place in Website: Emily Champion.

Special thanks to Ms. Gilliam for sponsoring the Tech Team.

JUS Technology award winners

Drew Students Bring Home State History Competition Awards

11 months ago

Drew Middle School students recently competed in the National History Day program at the state level in Montgomery.  Several students placed in the various competitive areas.

Maitland Coppock won 1st place in individual exhibit; Will Jones, Wiley Hupertz, and Ethan St. John placed 1st in group website; My-Kiya Green, Abigail Parton, and Alexis Johnson placed 2nd in group website; Ashley Williams and Morgan Allison won 2nd place in group exhibit; and Sierra Robertson took 3rd place in historical paper.

Congratulations to all these students for their hard work in producing outstanding, award-winning projects!  Those placing 1st and 2nd now have the opportunity to compete this summer on the national level in Washington, D.C. 

Students lined up outside for a picture

Munford Middle Celebrates Organ Donation PPL

about 1 year ago

Nationally, more than 116,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant. A new person is added to the waiting list every 18 minutes. For an average of nineteen people per day, the wait is too long and people usually die before a suitable organ is available. But not in the special case of Angelynn Luckado. The story begins with one woman’s unselfish decision to donate her organs---giving another Alabama family the chance to see their daughter live healthier and longer. Today, the Munford Middle School dedicated their butterfly garden with a bench inscribed with the names of Courtney Harris and Luckado. Organ donor Harris saved the life of one-time Munford Middle School student Angelynn. She is now a freshman at Munford High School and she was at the dedication. She says she now plans to live for both herself and Harris. The father of Courtney Haynes-Harris, Donald Haynes says the Munford community has done tremendous things on behalf of organ donation, and he wants to thank them. Munford Middle School teachers and students say anyone has the opportunity to be one of the individuals who make these kinds of miracles happen.  A person can decide to be a donor and give the gift of hope ... hope for the thousands of individuals- just like Luckado. Her journey inspired the school to bring the real life situation into their classrooms by Project Based Learning. Not only did the school make organ donation awareness  a mission, but they also took the initiative to Montgomery for a name change to the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act. They say it’s a possibility that the laws name will be changed to Angleynn and Courtney’s Law. According to Legacy Organ and Tissue Donation Registry, in Alabama, more than 3,800 people are waiting for a transplant.

Sallie Chastain Presented ACEA 2016 Charles Stewart Mott Award

about 1 year ago

Sallie Chastain was presented the ACEA 2016 Charles Stewart Mott Award at the annual Alabama Community Education Association meeting in Huntsville Feb. 26, 2016.  This is the highest award made by ACEA in memory of the person who started community education in Flint, Michigan in the 1930’s.  Charles Stewart Mott, who once stated “Let us be known by our deeds,” left a legacy far greater than the General Motors Corporation he helped found.  The Mott Foundation continues to this day to be a national and international leader in promoting democratic ideals, which include community education, grass-roots citizen participation, and global awareness of man and his close relationship to the good earth.

AH Watwood Elementary Awarded

about 1 year ago

2016 Green Ribbon School

AH Watwood Elementary has joined many other Talladega County Schools in being named a 2016 Green Ribbon School by the Alabama State Department of Education.

(Read More)

Munford Schools Recognized

about 1 year ago

State Department of Education “Celebrates Innovation” in Schools Across the State

In the latest edition of the Alabama Education News the Munford Schools of Talladega County were recognized for their partnership with several organizations including the U.S. Forest among others through a robust PBL program.  (Read More)

Students embrace community service

over 2 years ago

'Tis the season to give...

Students at Talladega County Schools have spent the holiday season giving back to their communities (Read More Here)

Winterboro High holds “Reverse Career Fair”

over 2 years ago

The efforts since the start of school by 40 Winterboro High freshmen culminated this past week in a “Reverse Career Fair.”

The New Edition of The Beacon - November 2015 - Issue 9

over 2 years ago

By Craig Bates

The Newest Edition of The Beacon - Digital Newsletter for Talladega County Schools!

Featured in this issue:  Munford Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, Talladega County Central High School, and Childersburg Middle School.

Jadaria Thomas to serve on State Superintendent Student Advisory Council

over 2 years ago

The Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) is pleased to announce the students who will be this year's State Superintendent Student Advisory Council Members. The State Superintendent Student Advisory Council is a group of 16 secondary school students who currently participate in their local Student Government Association (SGA). These students will provide student voice to the decisions made directly affecting them in the state of Alabama.Students were selected based on their level of leadership in their schools and letters of recommendation. Over 80 applications were submitted. Judges of the student applications included representatives from the ALSDE, CLAS, AASB, A+ Education Partnership and the 2015-16 Alabama Teacher of the Year.Jadaria Thomas, a senior from Childersburg High School is one of the two students selected from District 3.  Jadaria currently serves as the Student Government President.  She is the daughter of Terry and Dorothy Thomas, Sr.  Jadaria is a member of the varsity volleyball and varsity soccer teams at Childersburg.  She is also an active member of FBLA, TSA, Student Leadership, Sr. Beta Club, Chamber Ambassadors, the Focus Program, the ROTC Honor Guard, and Key Club.After graduation, Jadaria plans on attending UAB to pursue a degree in bio-medical science and pre-med.  The faculty, staff, and student body at Childersburg High School are very proud of Jadaria for this honor and for all of her accomplishments.  

Childersburg Student-Athlete named Go Build Alabama Student of the Month

over 2 years ago

DaShawn Leonard named Go Build Alabama Student of the Month

Go Build Alabama has named Future Skilled Workers of America (FSWA) Student of the Month for November: DaShawn Leonard. DaShawn Leonard is a junior at Childersburg High School. He plays baseball and football, but has also demonstrated strong skills as a welder and great aptitude in the classroom. For these achievements, he has been named as the November Student of the Month.  DaShawn has also been offered a scholarship to continue his training and studies in the construction trades, should he pursue that route post graduation. (Press Release)

Drew Middle School in BIG 10

over 2 years ago

Drew in FBLA BIG 10

Drew's chapter is recognized nationally as a "Big 10" Chapter based on membership numbers! .

By Randy Roberts

Talladega County Schools Named Member of League of Innovative Schools

over 2 years ago

Talladega County Schools Accepted into National Network of Innovative School Districts 

Talladega County Schools joins Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools, will partner with other leading educators, entrepreneurs, and researchers from across the U.S.


October 19, 2015– Talladega County Schools is one of 22 school districts accepted today into the League of Innovative Schools, a national coalition of forward-thinking school districts organized by Digital Promise, an independent, bipartisan nonprofit organization authorized by Congress to accelerate innovation in education.


Talladega County Schools was selected from a competitive and national pool of applicants based on its leadership, evidence of results, innovative vision for learning, and commitment to collaboration.


After receiving acceptance into the League of Innovative Schools, Talladega County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Suzanne Lacey, stated, “Talladega County Schools is honored to be selected as a member of the League of Innovative Schools.  Participation in the League will enhance our vision for creating innovative work through projected based learning and technology.  Further, the League will provide exceptional opportunities for learning from highly acclaimed school districts from across the nation.”

 (Click Here to Read More)

Talladega County Schools Featured in EdTech

over 2 years ago

Going Deeper with Hands-On Tech in Education

As K–12 incorporates technology into active learning approaches, students gain academic independence and brighter futures. (Read More)

Dr. Bice Visits Talladega County Schools

over 2 years ago

Dr. Bice begins tour at Munford Schools

MUNFORD — State Department of Education officials toured Munford schools Friday as their first stop on the “Celebrate Innovation” trail.

Talladega County School Superintendent Dr. Suzanne Lacey could not say enough about the monumental changes Munford schools have made in recent years.

“We would like our signature motto to be ‘proactive and resourceful’ in all that we do throughout the schools and into our community,” she said.  (Read more here)


Dr. Morgan Recognized

over 2 years ago

Dr. Brooke Morgan Honored

as the Chiquita Marbury Outstanding Principal Leader for Technology.  Dr. Morgan was honored June 9th, 2015 at the Alabama Technology Conference in Birmingham.

Talladega County Schools Take Top Awards

over 2 years ago

Lincoln High, Comer High and Munford High Named Best

Three schools in Talladega County have been recognized as some of the best in the nation by US News and World Report  (Read More)

By Randy Roberts

Shannon Hill Selected

over 2 years ago

Mrs. Shannon Hill

PBS has selected Mrs. Hill as one of only seventy PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovators for 2015 out of hundreds of applications from highly qualified educators.  Mrs. Hill strives to bring new and outstanding learning opportunities to her students at Lincoln Elementary.

Rocketry BLASTS off at LHS

over 2 years ago

By Randy Roberts

Kids have a blast at LHS

It has only existed for 2 years but the LHS Rocket Team is one of only two teams from Alabama to qualify for Nationals!

Outstanding Schools

over 2 years ago

Munford High Rocks Science!

13 students from Munford High School students presented at the Regional Alabama Junior Academy of Science at Jacksonville State University on February 19th.  Six of these students, Tucker Jones, Tabitha Hood, Megan Hendrix, Paige Harles, Olivia Harles, and Christian Caldwell won an invitation to go to stat and will be presenting March 12 and 13th at the Alabama Junior Academy of Science at West Alabama University.

Munford Elementary - Teaching Nature's Way

Students scamper into Munford Elementary School each morning beneath a ceiling of stalactites, past rock-like walls. Their innocent laughter mingles with the sound of trickling water as they make their way down a pebbled path to their classrooms.

It's been called one of the most innovative schools in America. Every nook and cranny pays tribute to the Talladega National Forest that sits practically at its back door, from the faux longleaf pines along the walls to a 250-gallon aquarium containing native fish.

Cafeteria walls serve as murals for lush scenes of the nearby national forest, allowing the children "to have the illusion of having a picnic at lunch," principal Brooke Morgan says.

Munford Elementary and its unique emphasis on environmental themes originated in 2000 when a tax referendum to build two new schools in the area led to some creative thinking. (Read More)

Ms. Morgan Honored

over 2 years ago

Morgan Inducted into the 2015 Teacher Hall of Fame

The Middle School Division 2015 Inductee was Ms. Johanna Morgan of Munford Middle School, located in Talladega County Schools. 

(Read More Here)

 Award Winning Students and Teachers

over 2 years ago

Munford on Target in Regional Archery Tourney

The archery programs at Munford Elementary School and Munford Middle School may only be a few years old, but both are on target for success.  

Read More Here

CHS Hosts Technology Showcase

Childersburg High School was host to the annual Talladega County Schools Technology Showcase.  17 schools and students of all ages presented projects using and demonstrating the technology tools they use in class each day.

Rayna Herringdine

B. B. Comer Memorial High School senior Rayna Herringdine was chosen as a winner in the America’s First Federal Credit Union & ABC 33/40 “First Class Student of the Week” contest.  (Read More)



  Nikolas Gage Smith

Nikolas Gage Smith has been chosen as the winner in the LHS "First Class Student of the Week" contest for the 2014-2015 school year.  This contest honors the students that go above and beyond to make their school the best it can be.

Lydia Platt 

2015 Talladega County Schools Spelling Bee Champ


Shelby Wales

Shelby Wales, a sophomore at Fayetteville High School, will be serving as the 2015-2016 Lieutenant Governor for Division 11 of Key Club International.  Shelby is also involved in F.B.L.A., Beta Club, Student Government, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She plays on the softball, volleyball, and cross country teams and holds a position on ‘A’ Honor Roll.

Award Winning Teachers

Mrs. Shannon Hill

PBS has selected Mrs. Hill as one of only seventy PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovators for 2015 out of hundreds of applications from highly qualified educators.  Mrs. Hill strives to bring new and outstanding learning opportunities to her students at Lincoln Elementary.