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Education Foundation Grant Winners

Talladega County Schools -- Education Foundation

P.O. Box 887 / Talladega, AL 35161-0887

January 29, 2018


The Board of Directors for the Talladega County Education Foundation announces the following school-wide and teacher grant winners:


                                                         School-wide Winners

B. B. Comer Elem.             “Snap Chats”                                                                    $1,980.00

Childersburg Middle         “Full STEAM Ahead at The Grid Steam Lab and Makerspace”          $2,000.00

Winterboro                        “Fostering a Love of Reading”                                          $2,000.00


Teacher Grant Winners

Comer Elem.                    “Let Learning Click, Brick by Brick”                                                          $400.00

Teacher:  Jamie Harbin

Comer High                      “Chill Zone”                                                                                   $400.00

Teacher:  Carla Bowden                                                       

Childersburg High            “Empowering STEAM through VEX Robotics”                                    $394.75

Teacher:  Brandon Milam                                        

Childersburg Middle         “Seeds of Change – Starter Package”                              $400.00

Teacher:  Paul Morris

Fayetteville (Elem.)           “Beyond the Kitchen, Dramatic Play in Kindergarten”    $400.00

Teachers:  Caprice Buttram & Amy Nelson

Fayetteville (High)              “Calculating Success – One Student at a Time!”                  $389.19

Teacher:  Amy Reed

Genesis                                 “Kinesthetic Konnection”                                              $400.00

Teacher:  Jimmy Thomas

Lincoln Elem.                      “Constructing with Cubelets”                                         $399.70

Teachers:  Amanda Alderman

Lincoln High                        “Winning Isn’t Easy”                                                        $400.00

Teacher:  Amy Stephens

Munford Elem.                  “Come Full Lit Circle”                                                        $400.00

Teacher:  Jessica Pearson

Munford Middle                “MMS is Cracking the Code”                                           $396.86

Teacher:  Mandy Thornton

Stemley Road Elem.           “Wee Outdoor Classroom”                                            $400.00

Teachers:  Jennifer Ewen & Kelsey Haynes

Watwood Elem.                   “The Little Engineers that Would”                                $396.67

Teacher:  Kandace Knight

Winterboro (Middle)           “Fostering a Love of Reading”                                       $400.00

Teacher:  Emily Nestor

Winterboro (High)                “Makerspace Lab for the Library”                                $299.00

Teacher:  Tina Wheeler

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