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About Talladega County Schools

about 1 year ago

 The fourth largest employer in Talladega County, Alabama, the Talladega County School System has seventeen schools serving approximately 7,600 students and 1,000 employees.  The school system and its schools have received various national and state awards including being selected as a US Department of Education Green Ribbon School System along with several schools selected as US Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools. Talladega County Schools is currently implementing a 1:1 digital device to student program, called #LeadingTheWay, which utilizes approximately 6,400 Chromebooks, and 1,200 iPad tablets, all of which provide 24/7 mobile access to students in grades 3-12 and daily classroom access to students in grades K-2. Each student is assigned his or her own device, which is not shared with others, making Talladega County Schools one of only a handful of districts in the state of Alabama providing this density of mobile device access.

Vision, Core Purpose and Beliefs

about 1 year ago


    To provide an engaging, rigorous curriculum empowering all students to be college and career ready.

    Core Purpose

    To ensure exemplary student performance, citizenship, and leadership.


    We believe that students are the priority of our school system.

    We believe in a school culture that promotes exemplary student performance, citizenship, and leadership.

    We believe in an authentic, rigorous curriculum that engages students in their own learning so they become self-directed, lifelong learners.

    We believe an emotionally and physically comfortable, safe environment is most conducive for effective teaching and learning.

    We believe a commitment to continuous improvement is essential to achieve the vision and core purpose of Talladega County Schools.

    We believe the collaboration between the home, school district, and community has a direct correlation to the quality of the educational system and experiences of each student.

    We believe in the optimal use of all resources to enhance curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

    Department Directory

    about 1 year ago


    Childersburg Middle (Grades: 5-8)

    Dr. Suzanne Lacey, Superintendent (256.315.5104)

    Principal: Jena Jones

    Vicky Ozment, Deputy Superintendent (256.315.5132)

    Assistant Principal: Chad Bynum

    Kelvin Cunningham, Director of Operations (256.315.5108)

    Counselor: Suzanne Rich

    Avery Embry, Chief School Financial Officer (256.315.5110)

    122 Fay S. Perry Drive, Childersburg, AL 35044

    Dr. Karen Culver, Coordinator of Personnel (256.315.5153)

    Phone: 256.315.5475 / Fax: 256.315.5535

    Griff Hill, Coordinator of Secondary Ed./Public Information (256.315.5120)


    Dr. Donna Hudson, Coordinator of Elementary Education (256.315.5142)

    Childersburg High (9-12)

    Dr. Brooke Morgan, Coordinator of Federal Programs/Assessment (256.315.5144)

    Principal: Jay Hooks

    Stephan Frank, Coordinator of Student Services (256.315.5111)

    Assistant Principal: Brittanni Brown

    Eric Lavender, Assistant Coordinator of Student Services (256.315.5117)

    Counselor: Lori Reed

    Kristin Harrell, Coordinator of Special Education (256.315.5134)

    122 Fay S. Perry Drive, Childersburg, AL 35044

    Craig Bates, Coordinator of Instructional Technology (256.315.5121)

    Phone: 256.315.5475 / Fax: 256.315.5535

    Sallie Chastain, Coordinator of Community Ed./Electronic Curriculum (256.315.5154)


    Vanessa Scott, Coordinator of Child Nutrition Program (256.315.5123)

    Drew Middle (Grades: 6-8)

    Buster Bolton, Coordinator of Transportation & Safety Services (256.315.5139)

    Principal: Dr. Rhonda Lee

    Randy Roberts, Educational Technology Specialist (256.315.5148)

    Assistant Principal:

    Corey Cochran, Network Administrator (256.315.5149)

    Counselor: Powell Sims


    78975 AL Hwy. 77, Lincoln, AL 35096


    Phone: 256.315.5280 / Fax: 256.315.5290

    Kim Knight, Career Tech Advisor - based at Childersburg High (256.315.5493)


    Transition, Media & Inservice Center (TMIC)

    Fayetteville High (Grades: K-12)

    Kenny Archer, Resource Officer

    Principal: Amy Smith

    Niki Pitts, Resource Officer

    Assistant Principal: Michael Pinson


    Counselor: April Shaw/Mary Parnell


    170 W. W. Averiette Drive, Sylacauga, AL 35151

    B. B. Comer Memorial Elementary (Grades: K-6)

    Phone: 256.315.5550 / Fax: 256.315.5575

    Principal: Melia Brashear


    Assistant Principal: Angela Hosey

    Lincoln Elementary (Grades: K-5)

    Counselor: Tina Runyan

    Principal: Dr. Cynthia Watts

    803 Seminole Avenue, Sylacauga, AL 35150

    Assistant Principal: Alisa Huffaker

    Phone: 256.315.5430 / Fax: 256.315.5445

    Counselor: Rebecca Deason/Brandy Nichols


    79001 AL Hwy. 77, Lincoln, AL 35096

    B. B. Comer Memorial High (Grades: 7-12)

    Phone: 256.315.5265 / Fax: 256.315.5275

    Principal: Judson Warlick


    Assistant Principal: Philip Cosper

    Lincoln High (Grades: 9-12)

    Counselor: Robyn Whittington

    Principal: Evan Blair

    801 Seminole Avenue, Sylacauga, AL 35150

    Assistant Principal: Seth Taylor

    Phone: 256.315.5400 / Fax: 256.315.5420

    Counselor: Nicole Callahan/Brandy Nichols


    78989 AL Hwy. 77, Lincoln, AL 35096

    Childersburg Elementary (Grades: K-4)

    Phone: 256.315.5295 / Fax: 256.315.5315

    Principal: Nicki Bryant


    Counselor: Cindy Smith

    Munford Elementary (Grades: K-5)

    235 Pinecrest Drive, Childersburg, AL 35044

    Principal: Angela Robinson

    Phone: 256.315.5525 / Fax: 256.315.5535

    Assistant Principal: Katy Turner


    Counselor: Tonya Sargent/Mary Parnell

    Childersburg High (Grades: 9-12)

    365 Cedars Road, Munford, AL 36268

    Principal: Jay Hooks

    Phone: 256.315.5250 / Fax: 256.315.5260

    Assistant Principal: Brittanni Brown


    Counselor: Lori Reed


    122 Fay S. Perry Drive, Childersburg, AL 35044


    Phone: 256.315.5475 / Fax: 256.315.5535



    Talladega County Central High (Grades: 7-12)

    Munford High (Grades: 9-12)

    Principal: Quentin Lee

    Principal: Tim Young

    Assistant Principal: Dr. Tim Gallahar

    Assistant Principal: Devonna Strickland

    Counselor: Christy Smith

    Counselor: Carla Franklin/Ann Smith

    5104 Howell Cove Road, Talladega, AL 35160

    300 Cedars Road, Munford, AL 36268

    Phone: 256.315.5340 / Fax: 256.315.5350

    Phone: 256.315.5220 / Fax: 256.315.5240



    Watwood Elementary (Grades: K-4)

    Munford Middle (Grades: 6-8)

    Principal: Dr. Scarlet Thomas

    Principal: Angel Carter

    Counselor: Pam Thomas

    Assistant Principal: Amber Pressley

    3002 Limbaugh Avenue, Childersburg, AL 35044

    Counselor: Angie Daniel

    Phone: 256.315.5460 / Fax: 256.315.5470

    360 Cedars Road, Munford, AL 36268


    Phone: 256.315.5235 / Fax: 256.315.5245

    Winterboro High (Grades: 5-12)


    Principal: Emily Harris

    Stemley Road Elementary (Grades: K-6)

    Assistant Principal: Grayson Lawrence

    Principal: Michelle Barker

    Counselor: Marianne Garrett

    Assistant Principal: Vonda Thomas

    22601 Alabama Hwy. 21, Alpine, AL 35014

    Counselor: Jennifer Spradley

    Phone: 256.315.5370 / Fax: 256.315.5380

    2760 Stemley Bridge Road, Talladega, AL 35160


    Phone: 256.315.5325 / Fax: 256.315.5335

    Genesis Alternative School


    Principal: Joann Swain

    Sycamore Elementary (Grades: K-4)

    Assistant Principal: Dr. Jimmy Lee Thomas

    Principal: Shareka Lee

    Counselor: Christy Smith

    Counselor: Lane Sanders

    22445 Alabama Hwy. 21, Alpine, AL 35014

    18101 AL Hwy. 21, Sycamore, AL 35149

    Phone: 256.315.5580 / Fax: 256.315.5585

    Phone: 256.315.5450 / Fax: 256.315.5455