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CACC is hosting a STEM Camp July 9-13 in Childersburg and July 16-20 in Alex City. The camp is for ages 11-18 and costs $50 for the first child and $25 for each additional child. The cost includes t-shirts, snack, and meals. Call 256-215-4497 or 256-215-4254 for an application.

About Talladega County Schools

about 1 month ago


The fourth largest employer in Talladega County, Alabama, the Talladega County School System has seventeen schools serving approximately 7,600 students and 1,000 employees.  The school system and its schools have received various national and state awards including being selected as a US Department of Education Green Ribbon School System along with several schools selected as US Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools. Talladega County Schools is currently implementing a 1:1 digital device to student program, called #LeadingTheWay, which utilizes approximately 6,400 Chromebooks, and 1,200 iPad tablets, all of which provide 24/7 mobile access to students in grades 3-12 and daily classroom access to students in grades K-2. Each student is assigned his or her own device, which is not shared with others, making Talladega County Schools one of only a handful of districts in the state of Alabama providing this density of mobile device access.

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As the district moves forward with blended learning, it continues to be recognized on both a national and state level for this work which incorporates project-based learning based on the Buck Institute for Education (BIE) model, STEAM themes, including coding, 3-D printing, robotics, and other Next Generation Science Standards.  The Talladega County School System is a close partner with The Alliance for Excellent Education, the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools, and was recently named a Model District by the International Center for Leadership in Education. Teachers and District Leaders are often solicited to share strategies and experience, on both a state and national level, at various conferences and organizations focused on student learning.

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Education Foundation Grant Winners

about 1 month ago

Talladega County Schools -- Education Foundation

P.O. Box 887 / Talladega, AL 35161-0887

January 29, 2018


The Board of Directors for the Talladega County Education Foundation announces the following school-wide and teacher grant winners:


                                                         School-wide Winners

B. B. Comer Elem.             “Snap Chats”                                                                    $1,980.00

Childersburg Middle         “Full STEAM Ahead at The Grid Steam Lab and Makerspace”          $2,000.00

Winterboro                        “Fostering a Love of Reading”                                          $2,000.00


Teacher Grant Winners

Comer Elem.                    “Let Learning Click, Brick by Brick”                                                          $400.00

Teacher:  Jamie Harbin

Comer High                      “Chill Zone”                                                                                   $400.00

Teacher:  Carla Bowden                                                       

Childersburg High            “Empowering STEAM through VEX Robotics”                                    $394.75

Teacher:  Brandon Milam                                        

Childersburg Middle         “Seeds of Change – Starter Package”                              $400.00

Teacher:  Paul Morris

Fayetteville (Elem.)           “Beyond the Kitchen, Dramatic Play in Kindergarten”    $400.00

Teachers:  Caprice Buttram & Amy Nelson

Fayetteville (High)              “Calculating Success – One Student at a Time!”                  $389.19

Teacher:  Amy Reed

Genesis                                 “Kinesthetic Konnection”                                              $400.00

Teacher:  Jimmy Thomas

Lincoln Elem.                      “Constructing with Cubelets”                                         $399.70

Teachers:  Amanda Alderman

Lincoln High                        “Winning Isn’t Easy”                                                        $400.00

Teacher:  Amy Stephens

Munford Elem.                  “Come Full Lit Circle”                                                        $400.00

Teacher:  Jessica Pearson

Munford Middle                “MMS is Cracking the Code”                                           $396.86

Teacher:  Mandy Thornton

Stemley Road Elem.           “Wee Outdoor Classroom”                                            $400.00

Teachers:  Jennifer Ewen & Kelsey Haynes

Watwood Elem.                   “The Little Engineers that Would”                                $396.67

Teacher:  Kandace Knight

Winterboro (Middle)           “Fostering a Love of Reading”                                       $400.00

Teacher:  Emily Nestor

Winterboro (High)                “Makerspace Lab for the Library”                                $299.00

Teacher:  Tina Wheeler

Single Sign-On Access For Students and Teachers

5 months ago

Discovery Education

Discovery Education

Studies Weekly

Studies Weekly

Keyboarding Without Tears

Keyboarding Without Tears



Compass Learning

Compass Learning

STAR 360

STAR 360

myOn Reader

myOn Reader

Scholastic Core Clicks

Scholastic Core Clicks


Talladega County Schools - Star Students

5 months ago

Kelsi Farr 3/16/2017 WES

Noah Mock 3/15/2017 CHS

Parrish Jones 3/10/2017 CES

Emma Claire McGrady 3/7/2017 BBCES

Jakelvin Jones 3/6/2017 SRES

Marissa McDickinson 02/15/2017 SES

Serenity Jones 02/15/2017 CES

Alana Combs 2/10/2017 FHS

Kade Goza 2/9/2017 WES

Olivia White 2/6/2017 SRES

Marlee Hosey 2/7/2017 BBCES

Malachi Gooden 1/30/2017

Mallory Tigue 1/30/2017 LES

Talyor Pope 1/27/2017 CMS

Dylan Richards 01/27/2017 DMS

Justin Wilson 1/26/2017 CHS

Jameson Hill 1/25/2017 MMS

Natalie Garrett 1/24/2017 MES

Kennedy Reeves  1/25/2017 MHS

Makayla Harris 12/20/2016 BBCHS

Andrew Roberts 11/23/2016 LHS

Mason Hill 11/22/2016 LES

Lauren Townsend 11/21/2016 DMS

Anthony Grisdale 11/9/2016 WES

Amberly Clark 10/18/2016 MES Amberly Clark 10/18/2016 MES

Undra Lawson 11/1/2016 WHS

Donavan Gaddis 10/31/2016 CES

Amberly Clark 10/18/2016 MES Amberly Clark 10/18/2016 MES

Chance Morgan 10/28/2016 BBCHS

Zane Penrod 10/27/2016 CMS

Amberly Clark 10/18/2016 MES Amberly Clark 10/18/2016 MES

Alyssa Lackey 10/26/2016 MMS

Prisha Patel 10/25/2016 LES

Amberly Clark 10/18/2016 MES Amberly Clark 10/18/2016 MES

Hannah McLendon 10/24/2016 LHS

Kanami Welchel 10/21/2016 DMS

Amberly Clark 10/18/2016 MES Amberly Clark 10/18/2016 MES

Isaiah Jones 10/20/2016 CHS

Draven Campbell 10/19/2016 M

Amberly Clark 10/18/2016 MES Amberly Clark 10/18/2016 MES

Amberly Clark 10/18/2016 MES

Marlon Cook 10/17/2016 FHS

Kennadi Merritt 10/14/2016 SES

Hera Hamilton 10/11/2016 WES

Neeley Cunningham 10/7/2016 BBCES

Ethan Ewen 10/6/2016 SRES

Kristopher Embry 10/4/2016 TCCHS

Justus Garrett 10/3/2016 WHS

Ainsley Foy 9/30/2016 CES 

Kelsey Sims 9/29/2016 BBCHS

Jayla Duncan 9/28/2016 CMS

Jordan Veith 9/26/2016 LES

Elise Chandler 9/23/2016 LHS

Siete' Garrett 9/22/2016 DMS

Morgan Ashley 9/20/2016 MHS

Makenzie Wilson 9/21/2016 CHS

Bo Whitelaw 9/19/2016 MES

Shelby Wales 9/16/2016 FHS

DeQiya Marbury 9/12/2016 WES

Addison Wilson 9/8/2016 BBCES

Destiny Zachero 9/7/2016 SRES

Angellekia Villagomez 9/2/2016 TCCHS

Kaitlin Garrett 9/1/2016 WHS

TCBOE Sports

Focus on Steam

5 months ago

Talladega County Brings a Focus to its STEAM Programs

Talladega County Schools has set a strong example for the rest of Alabama to follow in its forward-thinking approach to technology integration. One of the first to roll out a one-to-one digital learning environment, the District boasts a strong STEAM (STEM + Arts) program culminating in an annual Innovation Showcase –  an event that has grown in scope and popularity with each passing year. (Read More)

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